Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bravo Netflix! Chef's Table is THE food series for this season..

Scrolling through my Netflix's recently added, I came across Chefs Table. I saved it to my que then moved on.. I KNEW that this was something special so I waited till I had the time to sit uninterrupted and watch.. When that time came, what appeared on the screen was way, WAY more than I expected.. The visuals, the stories, the cinematography, was completely MIND blowing..Brought to us by the same team as Jiro loves Sushi,  this is one of those rare shows (for a chef) that sparks further curiosity, meaning, drive, creativity, I could go on, and on.. For a foodie, it will quench your thirst for amazing food porn.

Do yourself a favor.. Pour a glass of wine,  turn off your phone, and get lost in this world of food.. Here's the trailer, thank me later.. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

We've been busy but we're BACK!

Man o' MAN! It's been some time since my last update.. .. I've been Executive Chefing, Consulting, Sous Chefing and Menu developing over the past 4 years.  Now I'm back focusing on the food that I love, working with the people I enjoy and cooking for clients that keep me on an adventure. The life of a caterer... Share it with me..

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

What a crazy month!

So as you can see its been some time since I've updated a post. It's been a CRAZY, but in such a fantastic way.
To start I was asked to create items that would “jazz up” the sandwiches served at a new local coffee shop named Eat Gallery. The Eat Gallery is a Culinary Art Gallery featuring the Edible Artwork of community’s emerging culinary artists. I was honored to be asked to be a part of this.
I make a Spicy Cilantro Pesto as well as the curry Mustard. The first time I saw this I swooned!!
Artisan Spreads that's ME!
The other Culinary Artist are Vegan food truck owners and Chefs Rodney and Maddy of Green Seed Vegan, Ella Bella (not her real name I just call her that) the cookie pusher/creator owner of E-Dubalicious cookies she has 35 (and counting) different types of scrumptious cookies, Bread Boy Bakery who makes some amzing Rosemary bread and Chef Chris of Lucille's. This was a week long event that kicked off with a private rooftop dinner where all Chefs involved cooked a 3 course meal for a very very eclectic mix of people. There where politician, artist, promoters, business owners and community leaders.

My AMAZING team was there, Verlonsky, Marshelle and newbie Tomika. 

Tomika toasting the Rosemary Bread
Marshelly and Verlonsky plating

Our menu was:
Passed dishes showcasing Bread Boy Bread and the following from me:
  • Ginger-Pear Butter
  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
  • Spiced Garlic Infused oil
Amuse Bouche
Causa- Smoked cumin purple potatoes, yellow curry potato and coconut cauliflower mashed, layered with avocado, cucumber and mango chutney, paired with lemon fried shrimp crisps.

Main Course:
Herb Crusted chicken breast stuffed with Roasted Garlic Spinach and mushroom, accompanied with warm summer vegetable Israeli couscous salad, lentils and Marsala sauce

Marshelly came over to help make this..

Berry Frangipane

Marshelly came over to help make this..

Right in the middle of the 2nd course it started to rain so they moved everyone downstairs.. Everyone was so amazingly cool, and receptive. Everyone seemed to LOVE the food that was presented to them from me I felt like I was off the a GREAT start.

Next was my satellite tasting at  Melodrama Boutique

The menu there was:
Sweet potato with Brown Butter and Basil Ravioli
Making these raviolis where very very easy

Plantain puffs with Chimichurro
Mango/Coconut Rice Sushi with Basil foam
Great Foam Success!!
It ended up on top of the Coconut Mango Sushi

Curry - Petatou (potato salad)

Fruit Salad/ Wonton chips
Coconut Polenta topped with Bacala Salad

It was just me and Verlonsky for this one, and despite the close quarters the owner Jackie was Amazing accommodating, the turn out was fantastic and it was a great success.

Next up was my artist talk, where I got another opportunity to have tastings of my food as well as an AMAZING rooftop performance from Michele Thibeaux.

The Menu:
Sweet and Savory Cream Puffs
Sweet had pastry cream topped with Chocolate ganash, the savory was a Gougers with whipped curry potato on the inside the puff was mixed with herbs
Sweet potato with Brown Butter and Basil Ravioli
Berry Frangipan
Coconut Polenta topped with Bacala Salad
Caribbean Petatou topped with Mango chutney
Vegetable spring rolls
Plantain Chips with Spicy Chimichurro sauce

This time none of my dream team was there but thankfully I had some amazing volunteers!

This has been an OVERWHELMING experience, the feedback on my food was amazing, I'm soo charged up and ready for the next event! Up next is a Foe dinner.. stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adventures in Culinary School...

I currently attending the the ArtsInstitute, in the Houston. So this semester I'm taking the lab that I've been waiting to take for sometime now you have to wait till the end of your tenure here at AI. (I graduate in December) The class: Art Culinare it's a the study of the dishes of world renowned  Chefs. Thus far we have done dishes from: Charlie Trotter, Charlie Palmer, and Alain Ducasse. It's taught by Chef Hernandez who from early in my schooling he has been one of my favorite Chef Professors. He's one of the few that actually push you.. and I mean hard, hes a thinking Chef that makes you look at ALL angles.. and I love it. So now we are 3 weeks in and I wanted to share some of the delicious dishes we have created in class:

Seared Scallop on a Potato Cloud, that is sitting on a roasted garlic burre blanc, with speckles of a orange reduction. Garnish of supreme orange and parsley

Prosciutto wrapped Halibut and sage, on a carrot puree and Cabbage and prosciutto slaw, topped with sliced apple and Fried Sage

Roasted Beet topped with herbed Goat Cheese, with beet  reduction and spinach/parsley infused green oil..

Broccoli Soup garnished by creme fraiche, lardons, and fried portabella mushrooms

Foie Gras on toast with a Port grape sauce, brown butter peal onions topped with apple, grape, peach compote

Roasted Garlic and portobello mushroom Ravioli, with a red wine olive sauce, garnished with brown butter asparagus spears and fava beans

Pork loin on leek and bacon slaw

Marshmallow with chocolate covered banana and raspberry jam (the marshmallow were soo good!)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Books I "heart"...

So I'm always being asked, what cook books do I love to read so ever so often I will post up the books both cooking and regular that have shaped me and led me to following my passion.. That said, my first book is..

Culinary Artistry
During my very first semester at school, I participated in “chopped” type of workshop were we where given a mystery basket. It was also the first time I met Chef Fernandez, who I would find during my time at school to be one of the BEST chef instructors at the school. 

After a dismal (and I do mean dismal) first effort he must of realized something in me (passion perhaps) because he pulled me aside and recommended that I get the book “Culinary Artistry”, he said it's the book that he keeps with him at all times, he didn't really explain what was in it, he just said it helps with flavor pairings. So off I went to the school library and checked it out.. 

Let me break it down for you.. Culinary Artistry is written by Andrew Dorneburg and Karen Page, I believe they may be husband and wife, they are James Beard award winning authors for their plethora of culinary related books.. (a few of them I will share here). It's part reference, part real world stories, part recipes.. I was struck and stuck when I read this passage under the title Sensory Perception:

“Food is something we ingest, we judge it carefully, critically and instinctively. All of our senses are used to evaluate whether to put the food in our mouths, and then whether to swallow it. First, you look at it, and the you might smell it, Is it safe. Is it appealing. If a food appears hot for example you may first try to touch it to gauge the temperature, will it burn your mouth? If it passes muster and you bit into it, your first experience is texture. Is it soft, crispy? If crispy, you hear the crunch in your inner ear a split second before its flavor begins to register on your taste buds.... then goes on to say.. Taste is existential, sensual experience..”
I was hooked.. Then I turned the pages to find that this book, ties all food, and I mean all food together with every other food it taste well with.. ie its flavor pairing.. It clues you in on seasonality, and menu themes, holiday and international food ideas.. it is FABULOUS!.. So much so for the next two years I checked it out of the school library for entire quarters.  I finally got around buying it so now I own it  (its all highlighted and tagged)..Watch  yours will be too.. enjoy!

You can buy the book at

and you can read more about the authors here: Andrew Dorneburg and Karen Page

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whats for dinner?

Bok Chuy, Chili Black Bean broiled Salmon, on a bed of Jasmine Rice, Sprinkled on the side is a Japanese rice seasoning called Noritamago Furikake, which consist of seseme seeds, wheat, dried egg yolk, bonito flakes and seaweed.

Salmon fillet
3 tbsp Sesame oil
2 tbsp soy sauce
5 cloves minced garlic
1 tbsp grated ginger
2 tbsp Lee Kum Lee Chili Black Bean Paste

Heat oven to 350
Create a foil basket add all ingredients fold to close and bake for 25 mins till salmon is done..

1 bunch- Kale
1 tsp-Olive oil
½ tsp- Sesame oil
2 tbsp diced onions
3 cloves garlic
1 tsp – grated ginger
1 tsp or to taste - red pepper flakes
¼ cup c. stock
¼ cup rice wine
To Taste - soy sauce
Clean Kale by removing the stem and then Julianne (thinly slice) the leaves.
Add both oils to pan over medium heat, add onions cook till transparent (abt 2 mins), add garlic cook (do not brown)
Add Kale, toss well to coat with oil, add rice wine cook for 5 mins till liquid is reduced by ½
Add c. stock cook 7 mins till reduced by ½ add grated ginger, and red pepper flakes.
Note- Kale does not cook down like spinach or bok chuy, it remains pretty full, so when you grab that bunch know that, that's the qty you will end up with after cooking

1cup Jasmine rice- follow cooking instructions on the bag ;)

To serve take a look: